Prospective parents are welcome to tour our school and visit our classrooms. As your child's first teacher, you know best the environment that will support your child's success - we hope it's Magical Journey.


Parent Testimonials

On Top of the World

Magical Journey is the best place I could have put my daughter for Pre-K. At first I was worried that 5 full days of school would burn her out, but after the first week of school and seeing her enthusiasm and excitement with what she was doing, all of my worries disappeared! Julie Fischer has a way of making all of the students feel like they are on top of the world when they achieve something new, and she is always so positive about their learning and accomplishments. Every opportunity for learning is presented in such fun, creative ways for the kids; they don't even realize how much they are doing! I especially love how much literature, reading, and writing is incorporated daily in their centers/lessons/themes, and how much math is incorporated in the first 10mins of class when doing their calendar!! From the moment the kids walk into Magical Journey each morning, until they leave in the afternoon, they have been cared for, listened to, encouraged, and inspired by their teachers. I can't imagine my daughter at any other school! -Heather Wolcott

 volunteering with our school at Feed our starving children

volunteering with our school at Feed our starving children

A Strong Foundation

"Teachers make a difference every single day and when you find one that is still making a difference in the lives of your children even years later, you want to tell every friend you know, who has small children, to make sure that their kids get that same teacher. For our family, it is Michelle Willis!" Read the rest of Rachael Harris's testimonial here.

Mrs. Willis is Magic

“Michelle Willis is MAGIC. Each of my children came to Michelle with different strengths and different weaknesses. Regardless of what those strengths and weaknesses were, Michelle fostered the complete child for each one of them. Not only have my children grown academically, they have grown socially and emotionally as well. The growth that has taken place during that Kindergarten year surpasses any other year, and I believe that is direct reflection on Michelle.

Michelle might possibly be the most patient person I know. While patient, she is consistent and motivating. She has truly inspired each of my kids to love to learn. She created a safe environment, with boundaries, that allowed my kids the ability to continue to explore and create far beyond what curriculum would allow. Her ability to do this with an entire classroom full of children is amazing. At the Worthen home, Michelle Willis' name is a loved and honored name. She has given each of our children what we believe to be the best start possible to a lifetime of education. For that, we will be forever grateful."

- Lindsey Worthen

Bursting with Pride!

I never will forget how proud I felt of my son when he chose to help homeless people for his end of the year project. Not only was I impressed with how much my son learned within a couple of months of starting at MJLC, and how quickly, but, equally important, he learned about empathy and how caring for others helps the global community. Not sure how many 5 or 6 years olds have an understanding of this, but my heart was bursting with pride when my son independently wrote a letter letting other people know that he cared about them.
                                          - Kristy Sosa

 mother's day breakfast celebration

mother's day breakfast celebration