Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.
— Pablo Picasso

Annual Art Gala

Curiosity, character, compassion. Cultivating these traits is the heart of our mission. Just as our academic curriculum is carefully crafted to deliver on the promise of our mission, so, too, is our enrichment curriculum. Specifically, arts education is an integral component of both our academic and enrichment curricula because of its profound effects on all aspects of child development.  As children engage in the arts, they experience improved academic achievement, increased language and fine motor development, greater cultural awareness and strengthened decision-making skills. They must be inventive risk-takers as they plunge into paint, calculate their creation and craft their canvas. It is these fabulous creations that inspire our annual fundraiser.

Our annual Art Gala allows us to both publicly showcase our students' accomplishments and continually provide essential enrichment programs. Each Spring at the Ahwatukee Foothills Golf Club, families and friends gather to plot and plan, collude and contrive, manipulate and maneuver, each vying to outbid the other and win a coveted creation. People can procure precious art pieces through our silent auction.  Similarly, many local businesses donate their products and services to be a part of our raffle. All proceeds from both the silent auction and raffle fund our varied and vital enrichment programs: Spanish, art, music, Lend-a-Hand (our hallmark community service program), movement and physical education. We invite you to participate with us - bid on an art piece, contribute to the raffle, or simply spread the word. Supporting children today, creates the scholars, leaders and philanthropists of tomorrow.

As our children create their masterpieces throughout the year, we will include them in the galleries below. Please peruse our 2015-2016 collections and prepare for the bidding wars!